About I Drunk It

I Drunk It is a beer discovery platform. From suggesting new and exciting beers to you based on your favorite brews, to tempting you with brews you may not have gave a second glance before.

We want you to try new beers, to improve the taste appreciation all over the world, and we can do that one beer at a time! Regardless of whether you're an ale or lager person, cider or beer, I Drunk It will be able to find new suggestions for you all the time!

Who Are We?

We are beer drinkers, enjoyers of unique flavors, and interesting brews. We are the type of people that buy a new beer instead of relying on a taste we trust or like - we take chances!

Our background is in programming, building algorithms in the day time, and getting creative in the evening. We put two concepts together; beer data & our code knowledge! What came out was this platform that understands the hops, malts, and various additives of beers and churns out suggestions for expanding your horizons.